Gazette photographer captures spectacular aurora display in south Northumberland

  • Spectacular Northern Lights display near Hexham last night
  • Heavy cloud cover scuppers aurora-chasers in north Northumberland
  • Gazette photographer captures amazing images

Gazette photographer Jane Coltman had to travel further afield to capture last night’s thrilling Northern Lights display after heavy cloud cover thwarted stargazers in north Northumberland.

After trying to capture images on the coast at Howick and Boulmer, Jane headed south after hearing through Twitter that skies were clear at Hexham and Allendale.

She caught the amazing Aurora Borealis light show at the famous Sycamore Gap, near Housesteads Fort on Hadrian’s Wall in the south-west of the county.

Earlier in the day, Lancaster University’s AuroraWatch UK announced that the Northern Lights would be visible across much of the UK and issued an amber alert, its second highest warning of sightings.

The Met Office predicted extensive clouds in eastern areas, including Northumberland, would block the view of the light show and the best of any clear skies would be to the west of high ground.

A slideshow of Jane’s pictures will follow.

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