GAZETTE OPINION: Callous criminals need to be stopped

While most people were enjoying a fun-filled Easter weekend, the Arkles’ lives were made a misery by callous criminals.

The Thropton family was left shaken after coming home to find thieves had ransacked their property.

But that was made even worse by the fact that these heartless thieves took a quad bike for which eight-year-old Harry had saved up for years.

This kind of crime, where criminals break into sheds and outbuildings to steal as much has they can, are happening far too often and the crooks need to be stopped.

We don’t know if they are local or from outside the area, but they are ruining people’s lives.

Not only was the Arkles’ property taken but there are at least three other reports from police of similar crimes in the area over the last week or so.

CCTV, more police in the rural area, better neighbourhood watch schemes ... we should be putting in place whatever it takes to prevent further heartache.

We need to make sure that our county is not an easy target for these people.