GAZETTE OPINION: A real waste of resources to avoid an £80 hotel bill

The huge cost of the search for a man who it appears just wanted to avoid paying his hotel bill has highlighted the importance of our rescue teams.

Hundreds of man-hours and tens of thousands of pounds were spent looking for a man, after a genuine report of concern by the Black Bull Hotel in Wooler.

Staff were merely doing their job when they called police to report him missing, fearing that something bad could have happened as they knew he was heading out to the Cheviots.

Volunteers on search and rescue teams gave up their time and energy, while the RAF crew spent hours searching across the area

And what for?

So that someone could get away with an £80 hotel bill.

We don’t want people to be put off reporting a missing person, rather we want those who think about pulling a fast one to consider the consequences of their actions.

People put their lives at risk because of this man. If he is not caught, let’s hope that, at least, he realises the error of his ways.