GAZETTE COMMENT: Two sets of roadworks, but different reactions

The A1 bridge works 2011
The A1 bridge works 2011

This week, residents of north Northumberland learned of two major road construction schemes starting in February next year that will be met with very different reactions.

Depending on where you live and where you work, you may either be cursing or celebrating.

Most people accept that major roads like the A1 need maintenance and that it will cause disruption – something to get used to if the A1 is to be dualled – but with the works due to take place to the bridge to the south of Alnwick, the question is, what was actually done when work took place for more than 12 months just three years ago if a further six months are required now?

Timescale has also played a major role in the frustration over the landslip at Crag End, near Rothbury.

Many in the village have doubted that the road will be reopened given the perceived lack of progress since the slip occurred on Boxing Day 2012.

But the commitment of £9million of public money in these straitened times is surely something those affected can welcome now.