GAZETTE COMMENT: Turn death into life by signing the register

Stevie Graham
Stevie Graham

Losing a loved one is probably one of the hardest things that anyone has to go through.

Heartbroken, angry, sad, confused, you name it, there are hundreds of emotions that spring to mind, and everyone feels differently and deals with it differently.

So when it comes to organ donation, people will also react in different ways.

But the story of Stevie Graham makes it clear that good can come out of tragedy.

His death has helped to save the lives of at least five people through transplants.

And statistics show that one death can lead to up to nine lives being transformed.

Lots of people regularly give blood, which is used in all sorts of situations, from emergencies to those needing regular transfusions for ongoing illnesses.

Now we need to encourage more people to sign up to the organ donation register.

You never know when you may need a transplant and no one knows what lies around the corner.

But if something good can come out of the death of another, then it has to be worth putting your name down.