GAZETTE COMMENT: The pressure pays off as traders see some action

The road closure in Narrowgate.
The road closure in Narrowgate.

Many business-owners and traders in towns and villages up and down the country are finding it tough at the moment.

There may be snippets in the news about the ‘green shoots of recovery’, but in reality, people have a lot less money to spend than they did prior to the financial crash in 2008.

And while those running businesses will appreciate that it is no one’s responsibility but their own to make a success of what they do, sometimes circumstances dictate a little bit of common sense to help them help themselves.

Therefore, it is good news that the county council is listening to traders’ concerns about the signage leading up to the road closure in Narrowgate and vowing to keep them in the loop.

But there remains some lingering frustration that it has taken almost a month to get to this point, as well as the input of councillors, Alnwick Chamber of Trade and us here at the Gazette to get something done.

Let’s hope the situation is resolved as quickly as possible and the traders can concentrate on their businesses as Christmas approaches.