GAZETTE COMMENT: Sad passing of a real community champion

Hugh Philipson.
Hugh Philipson.
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This week, we report on the sad passing of one of the stalwarts of local government – Hugh Philipson.

Hugh unstintingly served the people of Alnwick for many years.

In fact, he finally retired at the age of 82, when Alnwick District Council was disbanded to make way for the county unitary authority in 2009, having won his first election in 1973.

Unlike many councillors, he did not like to bring party politics into local council business, standing as an Independent, despite being a Conservative all his life.

This was typical of his stoical individualism. And for that he should be commended.

He was forthright and decisive and, although you may not have agreed with his views, you knew he made decisions with the best interests of the community at heart.

There are many involved in local politics who could learn a lot from the way Hugh conducted himself as a councillor.

He worked tirelessly, not just on the council, but also as part of other community and sporting organisations.

We shall miss him.