GAZETTE COMMENT: Retained firefighters deserve all our praise

Praise must be given to the firefighters who valiantly tackled the Thrunton brickworks blaze this week.

Their quick action and hard work stopped the fire causing complete devastation and they helped to prevent the contamination of the lake, which could have put a future project in jeopardy.

We must remember that many of the crews in our rural areas are retained firefighters, which means they volunteer to help save lives, putting themselves in potentially life-threatening situations.

The inferno at Thrunton could have been a lot worse had the fire service not arrived when they did.

Luckily it was contained and even the threat of acetylene was curbed.

Even the sheep grazing nearby seemed unaffected by the plumes of smoke.

And the adjacent lake, which is expected to be used as a fishery, was saved from contamination thanks to the fire crews and the Environment Agency.

Credit where credit is due. Our retained teams put their lives on the line to help us and we are eternally grateful.