GAZETTE COMMENT: Potholes a perennial problem, but cash welcome

Large potholes cause danger to motorists and cyclists.
Large potholes cause danger to motorists and cyclists.

The news that the county council is claiming that it has completely cleared the backlog of potholes in Northumberland is sure to lead to some motorists raising their eyebrows.

But bear in mind, the council is not claiming to have repaired all of the potholes in the county, just those that were outstanding and we should be thankful that council staff have sorted out thousands of the blights in the past year.

The nature of north Northumberland, in terms of weather conditions and some of our small, rural roads, means that there will always be problems with damage to the road surface.

Given that, it is good news that the county has been given around £6million in two batches by the Government this year – with the second announced in the past week – and it is reassuring that it seems to be recognised that the rural counties deserve more of the pot. On both occasions, Northumberland was the top earner in the North East.

Potholes and road repairs will be a perenninal problem and a constant gripe for motorists, but the cash and the council’s efforts are welcome.