GAZETTE COMMENT: Pioneering development for the older generation

The announcement today that care and housing provision for elderly people in north Northumberland by Abbeyfield is going to undergo a major revamp is a welcome one.

Looking after the older generation is always a pressing concern, but in a rural, sparsely-populated area with an above-average elderly population, it becomes more of an issue.

This new scheme sounds like it will put Alnwick and the wider area of north Northumberland at the forefront of future development in this sector, which is sure to undergo massive changes as the older population continues to grow.

Like any new scheme with plenty of investment, the chance of new jobs and opportunities is also one that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

However, the flipside is, of course, the disruption caused to residents, who may have to be moved either temporarily or permanently, and staff, who may find themselves out of work.

Let’s hope that in the rush for the future, these issues for the present are dealt with sensitively.