GAZETTE COMMENT: It’s time to work as one to improve our schools

Lindisfarne Middle School
Lindisfarne Middle School

Parents with pupils at either of the schools in Alnwick and Amble which have just received poor Ofsted reports are sure to be worried.

But the concerns raised by schools inspectors during their recent spell in the county are far more wide-ranging and do not affect these schools alone.

They also question how effectively the county council carries out its role of supporting our schools.

There have been references to three-tier systems, local-authority funding cuts, Ofsted’s new framework and other political issues, but it is to nobody’s benefit to continue playing the blame game now.

The county council and the schools, with the support of their communities, need to work together to ensure that all of the relevant improvements are made and that the county’s children get the education that they deserve.

The recent reports and letter to the county council from Ofsted have, for many, been a real eye-opener.

We can’t afford to have schools failing in Northumberland, so let’s get it sorted quickly.