GAZETTE COMMENT: How many more jobs are we going to lose?

The Defra building in Alnwick.
The Defra building in Alnwick.

The news that 41 civil service jobs are at risk is another devastating blow to the local north Northumberland economy.

And hearing that Defra’s work from Alnwick’s Lion House could be outsourced to India is even more disappointing.

How will that support our local economy?

Those workers will not be shopping in our towns and villages, using our services and helping to make our communities thrive.

Coming on the back of the announcement that 200 jobs are at risk at HMP Northumberland and 10 at Hardy & Greys, it’s a worrying time for our workers.

People now face an anxious time as they wait to hear if they will be made redundant or if they are one of the lucky ones.

And for some, it is not just one family member employed at these institutions, husbands and wives and even children are sometimes all at the same workplace.

All we can do as a community is support those who hear bad news and hope that they find re-employment as soon as possible.