GAZETTE COMMENT: Here’s hoping the hard work won’t be wasted

It is the time of year when we report on all of the north Northumberland students who sat national exams earlier in the summer and celebrate their successes.

With the A-Levels last week and GCSEs this, we try to report on some of the youngsters from our area who have achieved great things and are looking ahead to what comes next.

But in the case of those successful GCSE students who are planning to continue studying next year, there may be an additional hurdle in their way compared to the students who came before them.

Many will now have to pay a county-council charge or public-transport costs to get to school, even if they attend their local high school, which for some may be many miles away.

Coun Anthony Murray, a well-known supporter of rural communities, is pushing for a thorough review of how the new regime impacts education in the county come December this year.

His call should be heeded as the least our young people should expect. Money is extremely tight for the council, but we must monitor how the budget cuts affect them.