GAZETTE COMMENT: Hard work on campaign is paying off for everyone

Being told that our campaign and work to Stop Nuisance Robocalls will be a huge help in the fight to nail companies that flout the law is music to our ears, and hopefully for our readers as well.

When the spate of late-night robocalls occurred, we were inundated with responses from those who had been affected.

Some of you were just annoyed at being woken up, but for others, the calls were a lot more intrusive.

That is why we decided to take this on, and to find out that our work will go towards making a case for the Government to change the law and make it easier for consultative bodies to penalise companies, makes it all worthwhile.

A lot of hard work has been put in by the Gazette to maintain the campaign and to meet the Information Commissioner to present our work.

We will eagerly wait to see what happens next and have been assured by the commissioner that we will be kept in the loop for any developments.

So, here’s to us and let’s hope we have helped in the national fight to bring nuisance call-mkaers to justice.