GAZETTE COMMENT: Frustrations underlined as donors disrupted

The blood transfusion van in Alnwick Market Place.
The blood transfusion van in Alnwick Market Place.

The parking free-for-all in Alnwick Market Place has long been a source of frustration and anger for many people.

But the news this week that people – who give up their time to volunteer to help others – were not able to donate blood due to problem parking has really struck a chord with our readers.

There are many issues relating to enforcement of the area by county council and police and who should or shouldn’t be responsible, but this incident clearly underlines the fact that something needs to be done.

Residents, motorists and business-owners may have differing views on what the future of the Market Place should be, but quite clearly the current situation is not helping anybody.

Apparently, the blood-donor service usually gets in touch with the county council to try to ensure in advance that they can park when holding sessions at the Northumberland Hall.

However, any parking in the Market Place is illegal – the current regulation is supposed to be ‘prohibition of driving except for loading’ – and therefore the cars should not have been there in the first place.