GAZETTE COMMENT: Angela’s story shows the importance of hospice

Angela centre with daughters Julie (left) and Emma.
Angela centre with daughters Julie (left) and Emma.

The heartbreaking story shared by Angela Matthewson about her cancer battle and the support she received from HospiceCare North Northumberland is a timely reminder of how important the service is.

The mum-of-two’s determination to make sure her tale was told, even if she died before it was finished, is a testament to how much she wanted to highlight the work of staff and volunteers at HospiceCare North Northumberland who supported her and her family.

Living with cancer is hard for everyone, not just the patient, but having a facility like HospiceCare on hand can help to make a dreadful time that bit more bearable.

And with Hospice Care Week taking place from Monday, it is an ideal time to remind everyone about the fantastic work they do.

Without it, people across north Northumberland would be severely lacking much-needed support.

Thank you Angela for bravely sharing your story with us and our readers and making sure more people know about the fabulous work of HospiceCare North Northumberland. Your legacy will live on.