Garden-inspired series releases new break-out book

The front cover of Weed.
The front cover of Weed.

A break-out book from a series of novels based on the Poison Garden at Alnwick is set to be released at the beginning of December.

Weed is part of the Poison Diaries series which was inspired by the Duchess of Northumberland, whose vision also led to The Alnwick Garden.

Part-man, part-plant creature, Weed’s life is shaped by the richly-imagined world of poisonous and hallucinogenic herbs.

Poison Diaries, the fiction franchise from The Duchess of Northumberland, has a devoted online community which has shown astonishing growth on social media across Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

DCD Publishing has sold world rights to Weed, the next book in the Poison Diaries series, to Bloomsbury Reader.

Adrian Sington, CEO of DCD Publishing, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Bloomsbury on a book whose launch will benefit from a strong online fan community.

“The cross-platform and social-sharing activity that has been building organically since 2011 demonstrates a real interest in poisons and aphrodisiacs from the adult and teenage public.”

The creation of the Duchess of Northumberland Poison Diaries is part of an expanding franchise of licensed products including Little Book of Poisons, Potions and Aphrodisiacs, which was published by The History Press in June, as well as a range of jams and marmalades with aphrodisiac properties from award-winning preserve producers The Mercers.

Weed is due for international release on December 10, with film dramatisation rights and a television series currently under negotiation based on the Poison Diaries book franchise.