Game of Thrones nude role for Northumberland model

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An aspiring Northumberland actress says she was comfortable playing a nude role in hit television programme Game of Thrones.

Model Rebecca Scott, from Alnwick, appeared in the third episode of the fifth series of the American fantasy show, which was aired on Sky Atlantic last night.

The 22-year-old was given a non-speaking part as a maiden at the fictional capital city of Kings Landing and she was involved in a number of full-frontal nudity shots. But she insists that it didn’t bother her.

She said: “I felt really comfortable with it. It was a really brave role to take, but it was one I took in my stride. My family and friends have been ultimately extremely supportive and my mum is very proud of me. I always said I’d do nudity for large acting roles and modelling roles, and I still stand by it to this day.”

Rebecca was chosen from thousands of hopefuls for the role which saw her appearing alongside famous actor Will Tudor and travelling to Northern Ireland for filming.

She applied for the part in the series through open casting and was chosen after submitting photos of her modelling work.

“It was incredible to be chosen, I actually cried when I found out,” said Rebecca.

“Acting means a lot to me and I couldn’t quite believe that I had been chosen to appear in Games of Thrones.”

Describing the experience of filming in Northern Ireland last year, she said: “It was amazing and incredible. The crew and cast were so friendly and professional.”

Rebecca is hoping that her appearance in Game of Thrones can lead to more opportunities.

It isn’t the first time that she has acted, having played the lead woman in an educational film which was distributed to all schools in Scotland. She has also been selected for a short film called Au-Some Pirates, which is being shot in May.

Earlier this year, Rebecca had 18 inches of her beloved hair cut off to help two charities in memory of her friend who died of cancer.