GALLERY: Your snow pictures as Northumberland wakes up to wintry weather

Many parts of Northumberland woke up to a blanket of snow this morning (Saturday). Here is a selection of your pictures.

By Paul Larkin
Saturday, 16th March 2019, 1:34 pm
Updated Saturday, 16th March 2019, 1:38 pm
Snow scene in Alnwick on Saturday, March 16.
Snow scene in Alnwick on Saturday, March 16.

More snow is expected up to 9pm today.

Helen Dunn took this great picture of her little girl Bobbi out building her snow woman at 8am today. She said there wasn't enough snow, but Bobbi proved her very wrong!
John Lowrie tweeted this picture of 'a very quiet Green Batt, Alnwick, with just an Arriva bus running.

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Katy Wedderburn took this picture of her son playing in the snow in Powburn.
Picture by Jack Cook looking out of his loft window on Hawthorne Terrace, Shilbottle.
Left, the scene at Burradon, near Netherton, this morning, pictured by David Tanner. Right, a snowy morning in the Cheviots. Picture by Penny Hutcheon.
Alison Holland, tweeting from Warkworth, asks where the sun is!
Left, a frozen tulip in Alnwick, by Rasa MG. Right, Felton, by FeeFee Mac Dee
John Andrucci's picture from 'sunny' Shilbottle!
The view from Helen Dunn's house at Eslington, near Whittingham.
Hayley Munoz-saiz's view in Cambo.
A snowy scene in Wooler from Sarah Short.
Left, Rachel Frazer's view at Swarland. Right, the snowy view seen by Carol Bassett from Wark, Cornhill-on-Tweed.
Paul Mclaren took his snowy view in Shilbottle.
Whiteout in Shilbottle - Jo Lunn's view.
Two views of Shilbottle by Sarah Carruthers.
Left, Jacqui Lillie's view at Yetlington. Right, Susan Houston's picture taken at Waren Mill. Aah, bless!
One of the many birds seen by Raymond Taylor in his snowy garden in the Belford area.
The snowy view enjoyed by Jan Montgomery, of Hope House Lane, Alnwick.
'OK, Where's my breakfast?' Andrea Field took this picture in the Alnwick snow early this morning.
And just to make you feel really jealous, this was the view at Coromandel, New Zealand - thanks for that, Phil Cobb!