Future looks brighter for rescue dog Lilly

Lilly the dog
Lilly the dog

A large tumour which was growing between the legs of a badly-neglected dog was benign, tests have shown.

Last week, the Gazette told the heartbreaking story of Lilly, who was rescued by the county council’s animal welfare team and handed into the loving arms of SHAK.

The stricken 12-year-old Labrador-cross was discovered with the massive tumour, which nearly touched the ground when she walked and was held together by string.

Lilly – as named by SHAK – also had a severe skin condition, overgrown claws and her ears were so swollen and infected, they were closed.

Thankfully, after being rescued, she was taken to the vets, where the tumour was removed and was given eardrops and steroids for her skin.

Last week, we reported that SHAK was waiting to find out whether the mass was malignant or benign. Now there’s an update, and it’s good news.

Stephen Wylie, of SHAK, said: “The test results have come back for Lilly as benign, which is of course fantastic.”

It is another positive step in Lilly’s rehabilitation. Having been cared for by SHAK, she has been moved to a temporary foster home, but SHAK is still looking to find her a long-term forever home. To inquire about fostering Lilly, email foreverfoster@shak.org.uk

Lilly was discovered in a home in Northumberland and the county council has said it is carrying out an investigation.