Fury erupts over village footpath closure

ANGER has erupted after a footpath which has been used by members of the public for years was closed.

The path from Hillside West in Rothbury to Cove Quarry has been regularly used by walkers, residents and community groups for a considerable number of years, the parish council heard.

But in the last few weeks a gate across the path has been locked, with barbed wire added and a private ‘keep out’ sign put across it.

Coun Reynalds raised the concern at last week’s meeting.

“I have been approached by three different people complaining about the closure of this path,” he said.

“It was used every day by several people.

“As far as I can see it is not a public footpath but it has been used as such for many many years.”

It is not known who owns the land but councillors heard that it could be made a right of way if it can be proved that the path has been used for a certain number of years.

Coun Bridgett said: “One of the things that needs to be done is to write to the county council to ask who the owners are. Then write to the owners and find out why it has been cut off.”

Coun Edes said: “I used to walk it 40 years ago very regularly.”

Coun Dawson added that livestock wagons used to use it to dump waste at the quarry while Coun Reynalds said that Scouts used it regularly as well.