Fury at mess left on entrance to Amble

Concerned residents of Lindisfarne Road in Amble.'Ref: JCNG 170613lindroad3
Concerned residents of Lindisfarne Road in Amble.'Ref: JCNG 170613lindroad3

Angry residents have voiced concerns about their road being left in a mess.

Those living on Lindisfarne Road in Amble are furious at the litter, bottles, grass cuttings and more that is being left behind at the top of the road – one of the first places to be seen as drivers come into the town.

Josephine Matthews, who lives there, contacted the Gazette about the problems last week.

She said: “It is absolutely appalling.

“There is everything all over the place and it is disgraceful.

“Everyone is up in arms about it.

“The council comes along and cuts the grass, but they don’t collect it afterwards so it just gets left and then ends up all over the place.

“Then we have young people coming along at night leaving broken bottles and empty cartons and rubbish all over the place.

“It just isn’t fair.

“The council put a bench in there and that is causing more problems.

“There is also a tree there and the youths are breaking it up so that ends up all over the floor as well. It is being destroyed.

“It is the entrance into Amble and it isn’t a good advert.

“We pay the highest rates in the county, but we seem to get the least done.

“Morpeth is beautiful, Alnwick is beautiful, but we don’t seem to get very much.

“It is really starting to get on top of everybody. It has been going on for quite some time.”

She added that most residents in the road are calling for something to be done about it as soon as possible.

“They are smashing up the trees, but where are the councillors to come and look at what is happening? They aren’t around,” she said.

“It is not very often that you hear men grumbling, but at the moment they are definitely grumbling.”

She added that there are also potholes along the road, causing problems, and speeding traffic.

A spokewoman for Northumberland County Council said: “The council aims to cut the grass twice per month from April to the end of September, at times we suspend cutting during heavy rain or very dry conditions where it is inappropriate to cut the grass. Our policy is to allow the grass to disperse on the plot.

“Northumberland County Council’s road repair team and local highways inspector have recently attended to a number of potholes in the Amble area.”

To report a pothole, contact 08456006400.