Further calls for improvements to road network

Longhoughton Parish Council chairman Bryan Ellis
Longhoughton Parish Council chairman Bryan Ellis

A parish council chairman has said that a fatal crash close to Longhoughton reinforces concerns about the state of the roads in the area.

Longhoughton Parish Council has made numerous calls for the local roads to be improved, with claims that HGVs and quarry vehicles are damaging the surfaces.

And at the parish’s annual meeting earlier this month – which came just three days after village resident Christopher Penney was killed in a collision between Longhoughton and Denwick – chairman Bryan Ellis reiterated the need for repairs.

Coun Ellis, who admitted that he did not know the circumstances of the crash, said: “The parish council has raised concerns about the state of the roads on numerous occasions, in particular in response to the increasing quarry traffic.

“Unfortunately, there was a fatality recently and I think it reinforces the concerns raised about the inadequacies of the local roads. We will be making further submissions to the county council, especially when we get the full details of the accident.

“The roads are not fit for purpose and we have made this point repeatedly and we will go on raising it. Our concerns are genuine and we have made our views very clear over a significant amount of time.”

County councillor Kate Cairns said she will continue to work with the parish council to highlight these concerns and said she was sorry to hear about the tragedy.

Police Community Support Officer Ken Mouat told the meeting that police would also be raising the issue about the state of the roads.

Christopher’s parents, Sue and Charlie, did not wish to comment on the issue. His girlfriend Jamie Milligan said the stretch between Longhoughton and Denwick ‘has never been a nice road’.