Funding for CAB and plans for winter

Snow in Wooler in January 2013.
Snow in Wooler in January 2013.

Northumberland County Council’s area manager for neighbourhood services, Bob Hodgson, was due to attend a meeting to discuss winter services provision in Wooler.

However, he was unable to attend, which caused concern among members as last year they attempted to update the priority routes for gritting and clearing in the village, but were told it was too late as the plans for winter had already been put in place.

Coun Mark Mather said that he had looked on the county council website and could not find the map detailing the gritting routes for Wooler.

Members are keen to discuss the issue as soon as possible.

l Members have agreed to provide funding of £1,000 to the Citizens Advice Bureau to extend its outreach service.

The outreach service in Wooler has been run for the past three years with the parish council providing £3,000 over that period, up to October this year.

Now, it has received funding from the Lord Vinson Trust to continue and the parish council was asked to support it by paying for the room hire – the service takes place once a week at the Cheviot Centre.

Coun Anthony Murray said: “This is a service that we can ill afford to lose.”