‘Fund brings us comfort’

Stephen Carey
Stephen Carey

The mother of the footballer whose death led to the creation of a namesake fund has welcomed its selection as the 2014 Jam Jar Army charity.

This month, the Gazette kicked off its fourth Army campaign for another beneficiary from north Northumberland, following the outcome of a reader vote.

The Stephen Carey Fund was set up as a tribute to the 21-year-old grassroots player from Alnmouth who collapsed while playing football and died due to an undiagnosed heart defect.

The charity, which is celebrating its first official birthday, strives to provide defibrillators, first-aid training and first-aid kits for communities in the area to try to prevent similar tragedies from taking place in the future.

This week, Stephen’s mum, Joy Bowman, said: “The family is so proud of what the Stephen Carey Fund does and what it has achieved so far and we want to thank the public for voting for it to become the Jam Jar Army beneficiary for 2014.

“The Fund brings the family great comfort and we know that Stephen would be over the moon with what the Fund has done and the support it has received.”

New stickers for jam jars and posters with The Stephen Carey Fund logo on are in the process of being produced, but this year’s campaign is very much go already.

We are encouraging households, businesses, shops and other venues to all continue to show the generosity that has been shown in the past three years, which has led to more than £40,000 being raised for local good causes.