From Alnwick to McBusted

Nicky Waters from E of E
Nicky Waters from E of E

An Alnwick lad has been given a ‘dream opportunity’ as his band was selected to support the McBusted tour later this year.

Drummer Nicky Waters, and his band EofE, will be joining the pop supergroup for 33 of their 34-date tour which kicks off next weekend.

E of E - Nicky, Luke, Tom and Dan

E of E - Nicky, Luke, Tom and Dan

And for the 25-year-old former Duchess’s Community High School pupil it will be an ‘honour’ to play with the group.

Nicky played with a number of bands in the Alnwick area, including The Tuckers, before moving to Shropshire four years ago.

“I played with various cover bands before I found out about the audition for EofE,” he said.

“They are a really, really good band, have a good backing and everything seemed right.

“I got the job and soon after that the McBusted tour got announced and everything fell into place.

“It’s just fantastic. It is really exciting and it is going to be one of the biggest tours of the year.

“It is a great honour and it is going to be nothing but good promotion for the band and good exposure for us.

“We are a crossover rock pop band and it’s just the right kind of crowd and fan base.”

EofE is made up of Nicky on drums, Tom Harris on vocals, Dan Bremner on guitar and Luke Bradley on base.

And Nicky is pleased to be in a band that writes its own material.

He added: “I was desperate to get back into the original game.

“When I got in with these guys it was great. There is nothing but positive energy and we are all enthusiastic young people.”

The band will be playing gigs in schools in between the professional arena tour.

And this will be the biggest event for Nicky in his music career so far.

Alongside his commitments with the band, Nicky also teaches drums privately to pupils and he is carrying on a line of drummers in the family.

“My dad plays and my grandad used to play so I come from a long line of drummers,” he said.

When the band returns from its tour with McBusted, there will be other gigs. Keep up to date at