Friends help make memories

The League of Friends of the Alnwick Hospital presented Ward 1 with a digital reminiscence activity screen and a number of hand-held pads to work alongside it, designed to develop social discussion based on memories prompted by photographs, old TV shows and songs.

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 11:00 am
Members of the League of Friends are pictured with Sam Parks, hospital apprentice; Jennifer Dalton, volunteer; the Mayor of Alnwick Alan Symmonds; Charles Smith, Butler Ember Trust Warkworth; Malcolm and Pam Kus and Mary Castleton, Blink Bonny quiz team; Anna Wood, Modern Matron; and Brenda Longstaff, Bright Charity.

The system benefits patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The software package was a joint purchase between the Northumbria Health Trust’s Bright Charity and the League of Friends, at a cost of £6,100.

The £2,500 pads were a partnership purchase between Alnwick Town Council, The Butler Ember Trust, Warkworth, the fund-raising team at The Blink Bonny, Christon Bank, and the League of Friends.

Friends chairman Anne Harper thanked all the organisations involved in the purchases.

She also thanked Bright: “It’s good to work in partnership with Bright as it means that we can support bigger projects together. The patients are delighted with the new consoles and you can really see the enjoyment they are getting from the activities.”

She said the League of Friends is always grateful for the kind donations from individuals and organisations throughout the district in helping to support the infirmary.

She also thanked the members of the League of Friends who work hard to raise funds to enable them, along with donations they receive, to buy much-needed equipment for the hospital to benefit of the patients, consultants and staff.