Free listings could be a golden opportunity

Inc-ubator Director Jenny Volkers launches Olympic competition
Inc-ubator Director Jenny Volkers launches Olympic competition

A new online business directory’s ‘listings for medals’ promotion proved a little bigger than they had bargained for following Team GB’s Olympics success.

North Northumberland-based web directory Inc-ubator is to give away almost £5,000 worth of listings after they offered a free page on its site for every medal British athletes won during the Games.

The directory, which is run from Guyzance by marketing specialist Jenny Volkers, aims to give small businesses and freelancers a way of promoting their services online.

There will be 65 free pages up for grabs worth £75 each, aimed particularly at small or home-based businesses.

The directory is an offshoot of Jenny’s marketing businesses Indigo Crow, which she set up in 2010 after 15 years working for agencies in Newcastle.

She now runs her own agency from home, and says she hopes Inc-ubator will be a way of helping other small businesses promote their work.

“We work with a lot of talented people who work from home – just under the radar really,” she said.

“So it was our idea to have the business directory so people could find their nearest accountant, or their nearest designer.

“It’s trying to harness what’s happening on social media and the web – we thought we could bring it all in one place.

“I hate the phrase ‘one-stop shop’, but that’s kind of what we’re aiming for.”

Jenny hopes that Inc-ubator, set up earlier this year, will act as a digital update of old-fashioned word of mouth, particularly for very small businesses.

Local business people and freelancers can edit their page on the site from home, and add extras such as videos and feeds from social networking sites.

“We’ve invested a lot in the site and there’s some sophisticated software behind it,” Jenny said.

To claim one of the 65 free listings, contact