Free clinics target podgy pets

An overweight pet
An overweight pet

A veterinary group is upping the fight against podgy pets with free weight-loss clinics.

Alnorthumbria Vets is holding the sessions at its branches in Alnwick, Wooler, Morpeth and Ponteland.

With many owners probably noticing tighter waistbands after the festive overindulgence, pets too may be feeling the strain after treats a-plenty and lots of leftover turkey.

With pet obesity levels increasing across the UK, owners are being warned of the many hidden dangers for overweight pets.

Some of the most common problems associated with excess weight include diabetes, arthritis, joint and mobility problems, increased frequency of joint injuries, high blood pressure, skin and coat problems, anal gland problems and pancreatitis.

Weight clinics at Alnorthumbria Vets are provided free of charge to clients, and are available for both cats and dogs.

They are aimed at those looking for advice on their pet’s weight and nutrition, but also for those looking to start a weight-loss programme for their four-legged friends.

Appointments include a free bag of food as well as a weight loss pack.

You can start booking weight clinic appointments at Alnorthumbria from this month.