Fraud women must repay

TWO Northumberland women have been prosecuted for failing to declare they were living with another person while dishonestly claiming benefits.

Glenda Maree Marshall, 35, of Lake Road, Hadston, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a four-month curfew order from 7pm to 8am and costs for hiding the fact she was living with her partner who was in paid employment.

South East Northumberland Magistrates Court heard she had received a total of £6,664 in income support, employment support allowance, housing and council tax benefit. The overpayment will be recovered in full.

Elizabeth Warner, 32, of Cedar Grove, Alnwick, fraudulently claimed more than £4,000 in income support, housing and council tax benefit by failing to declare she had a partner living with her and that she had been married.

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Berwick Magistrates Court. She was given a conditional discharge with £100 costs. The overpayment will also have to be repaid.