Four chase every job vacancy in north area

There are more than four people chasing every job opening in north Northumberland, new figures show.

Data released by the Office for National Statistics shows that for every advertised job in the former Alnwick District Council area, there are 4.2 people out of work.

The figure is in line with the national average of 4.4, but there is huge variation between different areas of the county.

The former Berwick-upon-Tweed borough has just 1.9 jobseekers per vacancy – while in Wansbeck there are 21 people out of work for every advertised job.

Neil Foster, of trade union federation the TUC, said: “We are facing a sustained jobs deficit across Northumberland.

“While Alnwick is in line with the national average of 4 jobseekers for every job vacancy, elsewhere in Northumberland there is some of the worst levels of unemployment in the country.”