Four arrested in pre-Christmas crackdown on drink and drug-driving

Special Constables take part in the weekend operation.Special Constables take part in the weekend operation.
Special Constables take part in the weekend operation.
A weekend of action run by a group of Special Constables saw 110 vehicles stopped in a crackdown on drink and drug-driving.

More than a dozen Specials volunteered their weekend to join the Op Dragoon team, armed with a speed gun, a breathalyser and a drug testing kit.

Four people were arrested as part of the operation, three were over the legal alcohol limit while the fourth was arrested for a drug-driving offence.

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Speed guns were used.Speed guns were used.
Speed guns were used.

As part of the operation, the Special Constables were also looking to take illegal vehicles off the road and crackdown on any other criminality.

As well as the drink and drug-driving arrests, they also: Reported one driver for having two bald tyres; seized a knife as part of a stop and search; issued two cannabis warnings and seized a small amount of the drug; seized three vehicles that had been driven without insurance or a licence; reported one driver who was behind the wheel with no insurance or licence.

This year was the third time in a row that the Special Constables have run a campaign to take on the Fatal Four - the four most common reasons why a death occurs on the road. These are drink and drug-driving, speeding, using a mobile phone while driving and not wearing a seat belt.

Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt, the force's operational lead for volunteers, thanked all those who volunteered at the weekend for 'keeping the public safe'.

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A knife was seized as part of a stop-and-search.A knife was seized as part of a stop-and-search.
A knife was seized as part of a stop-and-search.

She said: "Weekends of action such as this one show just how important a role the Special Constabulary play in supporting our officers.

"It was a freezing cold weekend but these men and women gave up a cosy night by the fire to do their bit to keep the public safe."Many of them have full-time jobs, are in full-time study and have their own friends and family waiting for them at home.

"It is through their desire to protect the public that they come into the station at a weekend and run an operation such as this one.

"This operation has been a success, four people have been arrested for drink and drug driving and a number of illegal vehicles have been seized.

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"I want to thank the Special Constabulary for the work they do here in Northumbria. They are a credit to themselves and to the people they serve."

Anyone interested in joining the Special Constabulary should visit or follow @Northumbriapol on Twitter for news of upcoming open days for potential volunteers.

If you suspect that someone is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, contact police on 101 or use the online contact form at