Former office unit may soon offer kidney treatment

Unit 6G at Greensfield Court, Alnwick.
Unit 6G at Greensfield Court, Alnwick.

An application has been made to transform an empty office unit in Alnwick into a renal centre where patients can undergo dialysis.

Renal Services Trading Ltd, run by Stefano Ciampolini, wants to convert Unit 6G at Greensfield Industrial Estate, from an office/business unit into a medical centre.

It would provide outpatient dialysis treatment for patients based in the local area and holiday patients requiring treatment away from home.

The facilities would be made available to local NHS patients, thereby reducing journey times and the distance travelled for treatment.

Northumberland has been identified as an area in need of outpatient dialysis treatment facilities to meet local patient demand and to comply with the National Service Framework for Renal Services’ recommendation that patients should not have to travel for longer than 30 minutes for treatment.

Also, holiday dialysis in the UK is a fast-growing sector. The patient chooses the facility and books in advance and the treatment is then paid for by the patient’s own primary care trust.

Alnwick ‘therefore serves not only as an area of identified renal care need, but also as a highly attractive location for tourism and leisure’.