FORCES: Acknowledge the sacrifices

As we fast approach the centenary of the Armistice, it's important that we take time out to remember the challenges faced by our Armed Forces today.

While it’s important that we honour the past, we must also show our support to those who serve now.

It’s easy to forget that serving in our Armed Forces means more than defending the nation – there is also a human price that every member of the military pays.

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Armed Forces charity SSAFA’s research shows that more than half of those serving have missed once-in-a-lifetime moments in their children’s lives, with nine per cent missing the birth of their child.

And 72 per cent of those surveyed reported being away from loved ones during significant family events, such as weddings and funerals.

Whilst being away from home is accepted to be a part of being an Armed Forces family, it’s important that, in the lead up to Remembrance Day, we take time to acknowledge the sacrifices those currently serving face, appreciating that those moments missed can never be replaced.

Justine Baynes,

Director at SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

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