Footpath saga rumbles on

The Boulmer road junction in Longhoughton.
The Boulmer road junction in Longhoughton.

A danger junction is being listed as the top priority for improvements for Longhoughton parish, a meeting heard on Monday.

The junction, where Boulmer Road meets North Road in Longhoughton, needs improving before an accident happens, the parish council heard.

Setting out their top three priorities for the local transport plan, councillors said it was at the top of the list.

Chairman John Haughie said: “It is very difficult to see what is coming when you are at that junction. It needs improving, maybe we could get them to move the white lines so there is a couple of extra feet, but it needs to be sorted.”

Simon Buist, the RAF’s representative on the parish council, said: “We did have an incident where a youngster was hit by a vehicle on that bend. But it seems that we put it down as a priority and it gets stuck on a piece of paperwork.

“We need to be talking to someone higher up about it.”

He added that the road is heavily used at the start and end of the working day by personnel at the RAF base.

“We have a huge amount of traffic going along there and the speed of people coming down the hill towards the junction doesn’t help,” he added.

“You have buses coming out, people coming down from Alnwick to the village as well.”

Coun Haughie added: “The main issue is coming out of the Boulmer Road and turning right, coming left it is quite clear.”

Coun William Bell added that while there is a wall there is also a lot of overgrown hedgerow which also hampers the view.

County councillor Kate Cairns was also at the meeting and said she may include the junction as one of her top three priorities as well. She added that she would take up the matter with the county council.

The other priorities set by the parish council were the reclassification of Station Road from a c-road to a b-road, which would help with gritting and for dropped kerbs to be put on paths in Boulmer.