Food doesn’t get more local than this

A CAFE owner has teamed up with a farmers’ market to offer customers a taste of local produce – and if they like it, they can buy all the necessary ingredients from stalls just a few feet away.

Maureen Hornsby, who has Melvyn’s Cafe in Alnwick Market Place and Number 10 on neighbouring Market Street, will be producing a ploughman’s lunch for her customers tomorrow, using salad, cheese and meat available from traders on the day.

Mike Walsh, who manages Alnwick Markets, said: “We developed the idea to help promote the farmers’ market and encourage shoppers to dwell longer in the market place. Maureen from Melvin’s Cafe and No 10 has kindly agreed to lay on a lunch during the farmers’ market every month.

“We’re going to try to come up with a different recipe or menu each month and get as many of the stallholders as possible to contribute their produce. We think this is a great way to promote local food and showcase what the producers have to offer and, of course, it’s a great way for Maureen to market her cafe and restaurant too.”

Maureen said: “Everyone likes to source where their produce comes from and this is a great way to promote local markets. Mike and I got talking and decided to put some meals together with produce from the farmers’ market, so that if customers like what we’re serving, they can get all the ingredients off the stalls.

“If it’s successful, we’ll look to do this every month to tie in with the farmers’ market.”