Following River Aln from source to mouth

Seahouses Primary School pupils by the River Aln.
Seahouses Primary School pupils by the River Aln.

Geographers at Seahouses Primary School have been making a splash as they get out of the classroom to learn about rivers.

Recently, the pupils in Year 4 and 5 embarked on an educational visit with a difference.

They have been studying the features of rivers systems as part of their geography-based topic and it was time to put all of their knowledge to the test.

Could they identify geographical features of the River Aln?

Equipped with measuring equipment, compasses, sample pots and, of course, their trusty wellies, the children tracked the course of the Aln.

Their adventure began in rural Alnham, where they noticed the source started as a small trickle that had gathered in the V-shaped valley.

To the students’ amazement, it developed to the point where the river has its mouth in coastal Alnmouth.

Throughout the day, pupils put to good use a wide range of geographical skills, including compass reading, Ordnance Survey skills, field work and orienteering.

Year 4 pupil Ben Saunders said: “I really love learning outside of the classroom.

“It has really helped me to understand how rivers are formed and the way they travel to the sea.”

Darcy Rourke, from Year 5, added: “What breathtaking scenery.

“I can’t believe the range of geography skills I’ve been able to use today. I really surprised myself actually.”

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