Fog in Northumberland continues to make driving conditions dangerous

Foggy driving conditions on the  A1 near Alnwick.
Foggy driving conditions on the A1 near Alnwick.

Fog is again plaguing north Northumberland today, making driving conditions tricky for a sixth consecutive day.

As this picture of the A1 near Alnwick shows, visibility was poor this morning and motorists are being advised to take extra care.

Forecasts suggest that clouds and mist will lift later this afternoon, with some reporting a moderate risk of fog until mid-afternoon tomorrow.

The blanket of thick fog descended last Sunday after a misty Saturday and has hung around ever since.

It comes as emergency services in the south-east of England have been inundated with calls from people suffering breathing problems as a smog has enveloped the region. It is thought to be caused by a combination of dust being blown from the Sahara Desert, factory fumes and fog.

The Met Office has said that tonight is set to be largely dry in the North East, with clear spells, patchy cloud and light winds. Cloud will tend to thicken late in the night, particularly in western areas. Minimum temperature 5°C.

Tomorrow will see a bright start for some eastern areas, but mostly cloudy and somewhat breezy through the day with some outbreaks of rain, mainly during the afternoon. Some bright spells perhaps developing later. Maximum temperature 14°C.

Other misty pictures on this page were taken by Gazette photographer Jane Coltman. If you have any atmospheric images from north Northumberland you’d like to share with readers, send them to us at and we’ll put together a gallery of the best ones.

The AA’s advice for driving in fog includes:

* Use dipped headlights at all times along with wipers and de-misters.

* Familiarise yourself with your front and rear fog lights – know how to switch them on and off – and use them when appropriate.

* Beware of other drivers not using headlights.

* Only drive as fast as conditions allow and maintain a greater distance between you and the car in front. Follow a three-second rule.

* Tailing someone’s rear lights can give a false sense of security and is dangerous.

* If the road has street lights on, then you probably don’t need your fog lights on.

* Be able to stop within the distance you can see clearly – this is particularly important on motorways and dual carriageways, as vehicles are travelling faster.

* Don’t accelerate to get away from a vehicle that is too close behind you.

* Check your mirrors before you slow down.

* At a junction with limited visibility, stop, wind down the window, and listen for traffic. When you are sure it is safe to emerge, do so positively and do not hesitate in a position that puts you directly in the path of approaching vehicles.