Focus on the eye when trying to snap our animal friends

All creatures great and small adorned our Northumberland Camera Club Facebook group this week '“ some wild and some domestic, some close up and some blending into the landscape.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 8th October 2018, 12:58 pm
Eileen Hinde.
Eileen Hinde.

The secret of photographing most living things is to get on the same level as them and focus on the eye.

Judging the depth of field is important too, and that varies depending upon where and how you set your camera.

Christopher Miller.

For wildlife, a long telephoto lens is usually called for, although not always necessary.

Showing the subject as part of its environment can work with a shorter lens.

A new month and a new challenge. In October we are looking at not wildlife, but still life.

Put together selections of connected objects that together tell a story. The story could be, ‘This is about a gardener’, or ‘These are the tools of someone who writes’.

Judith Hardisty.

Creating still life images really helps you to learn composition.

Placing the coffee cup, the flowers, the notebook, pen and biscuits in exactly the right place, lighting it correctly and holding the camera in just the right place is hard to get exactly right.

This week’s challenge words are ‘Me’ and ‘Sharp’.

Everyone is welcome to join Northumberland Camera Club. Post images to and tag them #PicNorthumberland.

Katy Hulme.
David Wealleans.
Joanne Coyle.
Graham Story.