Flossie’s a star of the show

Flossie Johnson, 90, who will be presenting trophies to winners at Longframlington Show.
Flossie Johnson, 90, who will be presenting trophies to winners at Longframlington Show.

A 90-year-old avid country show supporter was ‘over the moon’ when she was asked to present the trophies at this year’s event.

Flossie Johnson has been a long-term entrant of competitions at Longframlington Show.

Having lived in the village for the last 30 years, she is well accustomed to the annual event which sees the whole community coming together.

But this year she will not just be entering her produce to be judged.

Flossie has been asked by the show committee to present the trophies and cups to the winners at the end of Saturday’s event.

And she was delighted to be asked.

“I was thrilled, it’s such an honour,” she said.

“But as it is getting nearer I am starting to worry about if I will do it properly.

“Ever since the show started I’ve been a loyal supporter and entered categories.

“I won first prize and the trophy one year and it was fantastic.

“I’ve already made five jars of jam and two lots of jelly and I’ve got a chocolate cake and plain cake to make as well as a lemon meringue pie.

“I love making things, it keeps me going and gives me something to do as I can’t walk too far.

“The show is brilliant. It’s so exciting, seeing all the people and hearing people congratulate you for winning things and it brings everyone together.”

Flossie also runs a whist group in Longframlington and every Monday she bakes two dozen tarts for a coffee morning on a Wednesday at the church, with proceeds going to its funds.

“I’m always busy, people say I’m never in. But I like to be busy, it keeps me fit.”

The grandmother-of-four will be presenting the trophies at 3.30pm at the show.

The event opens at 2pm in the Memorial Hall, but those wanting to enter the horticultural and industrial sections should deliver them between 8.30am and 10.30am.

Judging begins at 11am and finishes with the show day draw at 3.45pm.

A separate children’s show and dog show was held in Longframlington in May.