Flood risk, disabled bays and the cemetery

Alnwick Cemetery is one of several in the county which is run by a town or parish council, meaning taxpayers fund it through the town precept while also funding county-run cemeteries through their council tax.

Due to this perceived unfairness or double payment, the county council has agreed to make a contribution and a refund formula was set up.

This amounts to £605,99 a year for Alnwick and has been backdated to 2009/10, providing a total of £3,029.26, which will be put towards the 2016/17 cemetery budget.

l The county council is proposing to replace the discretionary disabled parking bays at Glovers Green, which cannot be enforced, with three enforceable bays. A consultation is ongoing until May 6, but the town council was in favour of the change.

l As part of the development of a Northumberland Flood Risk Strategy, 1,098 flood-prone gullies have been identified in the county. Town councillors are keen to find out if any are in Alnwick.