Flash mob leads to donation

An unexpected flash mob at a north Northumberland country show this summer led to a donation for the Jam Jar Army.

At Glendale Show on August Bank Holiday Monday, a group of seemingly random showgoers, including members of the Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre, suddenly stopped what they were doing and began performing a dance routine next to the main ring.

Unknown to the bemused bystanders, they were all part of the meticulously-planned flash mob stunt, into which weeks of planning and choreography had gone.

And their five-minute ‘impromptu’ performance was filmed by Rothbury-based design studio and web developer Lazy Grace.

It will form part of an advert used to promote Glendale Show both nationally and abroad.

And now, to thank the Youth Theatre for all their efforts and hard work, Lazy Grace has made a donation of £200 to the Jam Jar Army.

Ian McAllister, from Lazy Grace, said: “They helped out massively with the flash mob and we are going to be working together in the future.

“The enthusiasm from the guys there is unbelievable.

“They are just brilliant, they are such hard-working kids.”

And the generous contribution means that the grand total for this year’s collection for the Youth Theatre is now at £9,592.19, less than £500 short of the original £10,000 target, although the collections will continue to raise as much cash as possible for the talented youngsters from across our region.

With this in mind, we would encourage everyone who has been collecting money in jars to return them soon so that we can boost the total further.