FLAG POLE: No response to suggestion

I wrote a letter about six months ago regarding the issue at that time of some for and some against the flag pole in the column field.

Saturday, 29th September 2018, 11:30 am

I suggested a hinged pole, which could be lowered when not in use and locked down for safety, with more than one key held by different people who would be involved with its use, so that vandals could do it no harm.

I also suggested sending copies of the letter to various people of prominence or town council representative, who, I’m sorry to say, did not have the courtesy to respond in any way. It’s a sad state of affairs, I feel. Anyway, they are aware of it.

With Remembrance Day coming up soon, a number of local people who remembered my letter have asked if I received any response regarding the said flag pole. My answer is, sorry, but no.

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Whatever happens, may it be acceptable to all and that canny Alnwick folk are consulted regarding its movement by those who have it in hand, as is the way with these things.

As long as the outcome pleases everyone.

Dougie Hedley,