A fitting winner for the last Northumberland view of the year

In Christmas week, it's fitting that our pic parade has a festive winner.

Friday, 28th December 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 8:57 pm
FIRST: A festive Alnwick Market Place by David Daley. 171 likes

David Daley’s photo of Alnwick Market Place decked out in all its seasonal finery is top of the shots with our Facebook friends, with 171 likes.

Every day at facebook.com/nlandgazette, we share your images of the county under the title, View of Northumberland. Then each week in the Gazette, we feature the four which received the most likes.

SECOND: Birds on the Amble estuary, with Warkworth Castle in the background, by Jean Sawyer. 131 likes

In second place is a Jean Sawyer picture of birds drying off their plumage in the Amble estuary, with Warkworth Castle in the background. It was liked 131 times.

There’s a spot of déjà vu in third place.

Tony Robson, who featured in last week’s round-up, is in our top four again with another view of the refuge box on the Pilgrim’s Way to Holy Island, which attraceted 124 likes. One Facebook follower described it as like a still from Star Wars.

Fourth spot goes to young wildlife photographer Jack King for a lovely picture of a deer.

THIRD: Another beautiful shot of the refuge box on the Pilgrim's Way to Holy Island by Tony Robson. 124 likes

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FOURTH: Lovely picture of a deer by young wildlife photographer Jack King. 82 likes