Firm takes steps to ease concerns over use of hamlet road

Lorries at Detchant
Lorries at Detchant

A north Northumberland company has unveiled a new plan to manage HGV movements – the subject of a long-running dispute – related to its rural manufacturing business.

Bedmax Ltd, which is based at Greymare Farm in Detchant, near Belford, has been at the heart of a years-long quarrel with residents over the use of the narrow U34 road by lorries.

Now the horse-bedding manufacturer has agreed with Northumberland County Council officers that it will: Manage the number of HGVs entering and leaving the Bedmax facilities; restrict when HGVs can enter or leave, with none before 7am or after 7pm Monday to Friday, before 7am or after 1pm on Saturdays, or at all on Sundays and bank holidays; establish a stakeholder liaison group, chaired by an independent person, to discuss any issues relating to Bedmax traffic passing Detchant on the U34; and put four new passing points in place along the road through Detchant.

Director John Lovett said: “Bedmax Ltd takes very seriously its responsibility to be a good neighbour, properly balanced against our role as a significant local employer.

“Our new traffic management plan strikes this balance by setting out how many of our vehicles may come through Detchant and what time of day they are allowed to do so.

“We have previously invested some £40,000 in road improvements and keep the road clear during heavy snow, to the benefit of all of us in Detchant.

“Our traffic management plan promises to deliver further investment in four new passing points, at no cost to the council.”

Bedmax Ltd currently has three planning applications lodged with Northumberland County Council.