Fire warning after incident in the woods

The crew puts out the fire at Thrunton Woods.The crew puts out the fire at Thrunton Woods.
The crew puts out the fire at Thrunton Woods.
Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is urging people to be aware of fire risks in the countryside, after an incident at Thrunton Woods, believed to have been caused by a camp fire.

One appliance from Rothbury was called to the scene at 7.50am on July 25, where officers found a 50sqm area of smouldering grass.

Coun Steven Bridgett said that a nearby resident had noticed smoke rising out of the forest and alerted the fire service, who extinguished the fire ‘before it had the chance to develop into a potentially serious forest fire’.

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Now, NFRS has issued the following advice: Don’t discard of cigarettes/matches while in the countryside; Don’t have barbecues in unauthorised areas and make sure it is cold before it is disposed of correctly; Don’t start campfires in the countryside; Don’t discard rubbish; If you live close to woodland or heathland, do not burn off garden rubbish during hot weather.

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