Fire sparks warning over fake chargers

The burnt charger.
The burnt charger.

A warning about using fake phone chargers has been made after a house fire in a coastal village.

In the early hours of Friday, crew from Seahouses and Belford were called to a property at Bamburgh.

The fire had been caused by a fake phone charger overheating in a four-way gang socket extension.

Now, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is urging people to be aware of the risks that such devices pose.

A statement on the NFRS Facebook page, which was accampanied by an image of the burnt charger, read: ‘Luckily, quick-thinking residents were able to almost extinguish the fire using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

‘This prevented rapid fire spread through bedding and the rest of the bedroom.

‘Fortunately the three residents were okay and evacuated safely prior to our arrival.

‘The cause? A cheap non-authentic phone charger left charging by the bed overnight.

‘Electrical fault caused by a faulty charging device, these chargers may be considerably cheaper than their branded counterparts, but there is no guarantee they meet EU and UK safety standards.’

The Facebook post certainly caught people’s attention, with it being shared more than 360 times and attracting 118 comments.

This week, NFRS has been taken part in International Control Room Week, by posting related content onto its Facebook page.