Fire forces closure of Italian restaurant in Alnwick tonight

A fire crew outside Di Sopra this morning.
A fire crew outside Di Sopra this morning.

A fire at an Alnwick restaurant has forced its closure tonight.

Emergency crews were called to the incident at Di Sopra Italian restaurant in Alnwick town centre this morning.

A statement on the Di Sopra says: Unfortunately, we won't be able to open tonight. I am really sorry for the inconvenience, it's all in the hands of Northern Power Grid atm. Thanks for understanding."

Earlier in the day, the restaurant owner Valentina Peruzzo was hoping the evening could be saved. A message had said: "As everyone might have read/seen by now we had an electrical fault that resulted in a small fire earlier this morning. The main concern was to make sure everyone was good. Fortunately no one got injured, we just had a big scare.
"My apologies to anyone who had a table booked in tonight I am waiting on the electrician to see if we can be up and running again for this evening. I will be in touch as soon as I can to confirm/cancel. Thanks everyone for your support."