Finally, some luck for Fred

Fred Luck is settled into his new home.
Fred Luck is settled into his new home.

A disabled veteran has been given ‘an early Christmas present’ after finally winning his long-running housing battle.

Fred Luck says he can now start to live a more normal life after being moved into a suitable property last week.

The 53-year-old stenosis sufferer, who has severe mobility problems, had been struggling to cope in his first-floor flat in Amble’s Dansfield Square.

The former Royal Marine’s plight was so bad, he had to resort to sliding down the banister so he could get downstairs.

In the summer, he was hospitalised after falling down steps while taking rubbish out.

Earlier this year, we revealed Mr Luck’s situation, after he claimed Northumberland Homefinder had neglected him and were not helping him find a more suitable home.

But now, after months of struggling, Mr Luck has finally secured a new property – a ground-floor bungalow in the town’s Anne Crescent.

And he has thanked the Gazette for helping him.

He said: “It feels brilliant to have moved in and my quality of life has improved massively. It is an early Christmas present.

“I can get back to almost doing what normal human beings can do and I have got no fear of falling now. There is plenty of room to get about and the property has ramps.

“I can actually go out and about, go in the garden and get fresh air.

“To be honest, I went through a really low patch because of the situation at Dansfield Square.

“What I ended up doing was trying to slide down the banister, trying to bring my wheelchair down with me, which was really an impossibility.

“Moving in to the new property is going to really help.

“If it wasn’t for the Gazette, I wouldn’t be here now. It is as simple as that. The Gazette has been a magnificent help.”

It means that Mr Luck, who is currently wheelchair-bound, can have vital surgery in January to improve his condition.

He thanked others who have supported him along the way, including Northumberland Homefinder who in recent months had ‘moved heaven and earth’ to help him.