Fight against Estates plans in three villages

A 3D view of the proposed housing scheme.
A 3D view of the proposed housing scheme.

Councillors look set to take a closer look at controversial development plans for homes in three north Northumberland villages.

Northumberland Estates has submitted planning applications for schemes in Lesbury, Warkworth and Shilbottle.

And at tonight’s meeting of the county council’s north area planning committee. members are recommended to visit all three sites ahead of making decisions on the applications in coming months.

In Shilbottle, the propsals are for 47 residential dwellings, a doctor’s surgery and start-up business units on land south of Grange Road.

It would comprise a mix of 14 four-bedroom homes, 13 three-bedroom houses and six two-bedroom semi-detached units.

In addition there would be eight two-bedroom and six four-bedroom affordable dwellings.

At the time of the planning officer’s report, a total of 29 letters of objection had been received along with two petitions against the proposal, one with 133 signatures and the other with 250.

In March, when the scheme was revealed to residents, parish councillor Elisabeth Haddow told the Gazette: ““We’ve already had too many new houses forced upon Shilbottle, which has had a terrible effect on flooding. This is just further overdevelopment on what is currently a green field.”

The scheme in Lesbury is no less controversial with the plans having been altered once already, but the amended plans have still attracted 40 letters of objection.

The original application would have seen the demolition of three existing dwellings, the post office and associated outbuildings to be replaced by 20 new dwellings and a new post office building.

The new scheme is for the demolition of one existing outbuilding and the construction of eight new homes on land between Down House and Old School House on Riverside.

The Warkworth proposals consist of two linked sites, one for 44 new properties with private gardens, service roads and new public open spaces, and the other for 27 affordable homes, private gardens, service roads and new public open spaces.

The 44 homes would consist of a mix four three-bedroom bungalows, 15 three-bedroom houses, 12 three/four-bedroom houses, five four-bedroom houses and eight five-bedroom houses.

The private dwellings would be on a site east of Old Barns Close on Morwick Road, while the affordable homes would be on land south of New Barns Court, New Barns Way.

The affordable development has sparked just eight letters of objection, but the private homes site is more divisive with 23 letters of objection received at the time of the planning officer’s report.

The planning committee meeting takes place in Alnwick at 6pm tonight.